Price of Gold and Silver

Price of Gold – Price of Gold Per Ounce

There are multiple reasons why the yellow metal tops the chart as the most widely used metals in ornament. The demand for gold is not only popular among jewellers and the fairer sex, it shares close bonds with investors too.  Old is gold—in this way, it remains an old friend to all—the rich, elite, traders, fashionistas and investors.  Given the circumstances, the steep increase in the price of gold has stirred apprehensions among economy watchers. But, will gold crash? It will likely not. Apparently, the increase in price of gold and silver occur not due to the increase in their values, but decrease in the value of currencies.

Tracking Gold As An Investment Plan

In technical sense, the value of gold remains unchanged over the years.  A brief study of the price of gold history over the period between 1800 and 1970 indicated a stable positioning of gold price from mere $19 USD an ounce to $38 USD an ounce. The jewellery industry measures the price of gold in terms of ‘price per gram.’ But, the same standard does not hold true for investors. The financial market over the globe standardize in ‘price per ounce.’ With the fluctuations in the US stock markets, investors have locked in the yellow metal as the next best thing to ride over turbulent times.

As US and Europe economies are swirled under heavy debts and the currency value dipping by the day, India and China continue to capture for nearly 52% of the total gold bars and coins investment along with 55% of the global gold jewellery demand. The soaring price of gold 2011 has failed to keep Indians and Chinese from the domestic demands as a result of economic prosperity, inflation and national festivals.

The question of investment in gold and silver as financial assets do not pass by easily without ‘how to store gold.’ How to store gold in the right place and at the right time depend on how much physical gold are we talking about here? Well, if it amounts to dozen of gold bars, then perhaps you may want to keep them in a bank vault under safe hands. With that being said, it is equally important to insure that your prized possession is registered to you as classified personal property and not under the bank.  Today’s competitive financial sector comprises of private as well as national banks that can easily serve your storage purpose. However, care must be taken while selecting the appropriate bank for your investments in precious metals.

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